What is Mount Phenom?

Mount Phenom is a first of its kind esports series dedicated to local gaming communities across North America. MP is set to empower gaming communities around the world and bridging the gap between gaming and esports. MP is catered towards attracting different communities under one roof. It consists of Mount Phenom Zero and Mount Phenom Esports Championship Series.

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Mount Phenom is working with local communities to bring the casual and competitive gamers together to reach new heights in their respective games. Featuring a $12,000+ prize pool over 4 game titles in 3 months, this series will feature multiple events that excite both the casual and competitive gamers.

  • 4 Major Titles!

  • 1 major event and 1 side event per title

  • $12,000+ Total Prize Pool with $3,000+ per title

  • All events are ONLINE and FREE to enter!

Get Ready for A Challenge

 $12,000+ Total Prize Pool


vLeague of Legends | Mirage Esport

Sept 18-20
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Oct 16-20
Total Prize Pool
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Nov 21 & 29
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Dec 11-12
Total Prize Pool
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